Modelling Minnipa - Just for Fun

These are the ones that really shouldn't be on the layout. These are in the rolling stock stable because, as a modeller, I can do what I like! Most were carried forward from an earlier modelling project, while others are 'just for fun'. Of course none of these are used in serious operating sessions!

Class Type  Eventual 
Completed Details
  'Green Chook' railcar
1 - 1 Green Chook
Modified SAR Model Co 'Red Hen' railcar, fitted with modified Bemo narrow gauge tractor mechanism
FBN SAR bogie flat 1 - 1 FBN
NLA CR louvre van 1 - 1 NLA
Modified BGB 'DW' van
NLS CR 4w louvre van 1 - 1 NLS
Modified SEM VR 'HD' van
SE SAR explosives van 1 - 1 SE
BGB 'SE' van
RCN SAR insulated van 1 - 1 RCN
Heavily kitbashed BGB 'RX' van
VCW SAR louvre van 4 - 4 VCW
Modified BGB 'DW' van
W SAR bogie open 1 - 1 W
Modified RTR Models body