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Updated 5 Jan 2024

This website is devoted to the railway at Minnipa, on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, and the author's model railway which is intended as a historically-correct representation of Minnipa in the 1960s. Extensive details of the prototype railways on Eyre Peninsula can be found at the sister website Peninsula Pioneer.

Minnipa station AMRM

Minnipa featured in the October 2012 issue of the Australian Model Railway Magazine, with an update in the February 2019 issue. More of John Dennis' superb photos can be found here.

Continental Modeller

Minnipa also featured in the July and August 2023 issues of Continental Modeller.

Photo: John Dennis

A brief video glimpse of the layout can be found here.

SA Convention The Modelling the Railways of South Australia Convention is held in Adelaide each September, and is an excellent forum for those interested in the old South Australian Railways, the Commonwealth Railways, and their successor operators. The one-day event includes presentations in both prototype and modelling streams, and high quality session papers and other notes are distributed to all attendees. These papers have developed into an invaluable resource for modellers and historians alike.

The next Convention will be on Saturday 7 September 2024. For further information, see the Convention website.

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