Minnipa and District

A number of spectacular granite outcrops (called inselbergs) occur in the Minnipa area. Their 'wave' shapes and varied colours are quite outstanding, and the view from their tops is well worth seeing. The shapes were formed by moisture-induced decomposition of the sub-surface granite when the ground level was much higher. Gradual erosion of the surface soil has left the granite outcrops exposed.

Pildappa Rock Tcharkuldu Hill

The wave shaped face of Pildappa Rock.

The view from the top of Tcharkuldu Hill, including examples of the fascinating hollowed boulders (known as tafoni) which dot the area.

Adequate supplies of water have always been a problem on Eyre Peninsula. Before the construction of the Tod River scheme and its network of pipelines, tanks were constructed at many locations to catch the runoff from the granite outcrops which are a feature of the landscape. The earliest of these were constructed at Minnipa Hill in 1914 by the South Australian Railways. These historic tanks were reconditioned in the 1990s and fitted with with new roofs to provide a standby water supply for Minnipa.

Minnipa Hill tanks Tanks interior

The refurbished tanks at Minnipa Hill. Runoff from the granite outcrops in the background is channeled into the tanks.

Interior view of one of the tanks, showing the new roof structure on the original support columns.

Crappa Minnipa's most famous 'tourist feature' is the Concrete Crappa, which is in fact a very well appointed rest facility. Unfortunately from a modelling perspective, it was built well after the period of my model, so it will not be appearing in miniature on the model railway.
1998 1999

In the early years of the railway at Minnipa, a fenced rock garden was established beside the station building and planted with Sturt's Desert Pea. In 1998 (above left) the enclosure was heavily overgrown. A year later (top right) the local Progress Association had begun restoration of the garden. By 2001 (left) the task was complete, and a credit to the community.


Eyre Waves 'Eyre Waves' is an excellent booklet describing the significant features of the Minnipa district. It gives an introduction to the various geological features, and provides information on access and facilities. It is available locally in Minnipa, and from the Tourist Information Centre in Port Lincoln. It can also be obtained from:

The Minnipa Progress Association Inc.
PO Box 381
Minnipa SA 5654