Goods Sheds and Cranes

Soon after the opening of the line to Minnipa, a small goods shed was provided. This shed was mounted on wood stumps and faced along the goods platform rather than across it to the rail side. It survived until replaced by a newer shed in the 1950s.

The original goods shed, circa 1920. The large building directly above the goods shed is the original transportation barracks building. Photo courtesy Minnipa Progress Association

A new, larger goods shed was constructed circa 1953 along with a new, larger goods platform. The siding adjacent to the platform was slewed slightly to clear a new wall which provided some degree of protection to vehicles standing adjacent to the shed. The structure was of a typical SAR design of the period, examples of which could be found across the state. The shed was demolished by early 1985.

A 3 ton derrick crane was provided adjacent to the original goods shed circa 1927. This crane was used until replaced by a new 5 ton revolving jib crane in 1967.

The new goods shed at Minnipa in 1974. This photo also shows the revolving jib crane which replaced the original derrick crane. Photo: Alex Grunbach

A downloadable file of HO scale plans can be found here.