Modelling Minnipa

Overall view

An overall view of the layout. Minnipa yard is stretched out along the length of the viewing side, and Yaninee can be seen on the lower level beneath the wall clock. Minnipa Ballast Siding and the site of Poldinna are in the far corner of the layout. Photo: Peter Knife

The model representation of Minnipa has been built in two sections, with distinct characteristics. The first step was to build Minnipa yard itself, as accurately as practicable (although necessarily compressed in length). This has now been largely achieved, although much detailing and a couple of structures remain to be done.

Beyond Minnipa, the layout extends both ways to provide an operational 'segment' of the Port Lincoln Division. The full configuration runs from a fiddle yard (representing Port Lincoln) to Yaninee, passing the site of Poldinna and running to Minnipa. From there, the main line continues to Minnipa Ballast Siding, then to another fiddle yard (representing Thevenard). In reality, there is only one double-ended fiddle yard, but for operational purposes the two ends are regarded as separate.

These extensions beyond Minnipa itself capture the character of the scenes they represent, but will invoke some 'modellers licence' and are not as historically accurate as Minnipa itself. Yaninee is now basically done, although like Minnipa, some detailing remains to be completed. The main line run is now complete.

The plan allows the operation of trains from both directions, operated to the Working Timetables of the period (1960 - 1969). As there were significant differences in operations, rolling stock and even the infrastructure over this period, provision is being made where possible to represent each year as accurately as possible.