Minnipa Ballast Siding

Minnipa Ballast Siding (160M 72C), approximately 2-3/4 miles on the down side of Minnipa, was opened on 25 November 1969. It was associated with the mainline upgrading program which coincided with the changeover to diesel traction on the Port Lincoln Division, and was used to load ballast quarried near Yarwondutta Rocks. The siding clear length was 1534 ft (468 m), and the main line was slewed slightly to clear the new bins. It closed some time between 1984 and 1994, and final clearing of the site took place in 1998.

Large overhead bins were provided. Two of the three bins came from Moule, on the direct line to Kevin, while the third bin was built new for the Minnipa installation. During relaying work, a ballast train generally ran from this siding each morning (6 days per week) to the current work site, and returned each afternoon for reloading.

The overhead bins at Minnipa Ballast Siding in September 1974. Photo: Alex Grunbach

The western end of Minnipa Ballast Siding, September 1974. Four-wheel ballast plough 3533 awaits its next call to duty. Photo: Alex Grunbach