Modelling Minnipa - Out-of-Era Rolling Stock

In addition to the '1960 era' fleet which is used for normal operations on the layout, other rolling stock which ran on Eyre Peninsula is also being modelled. While efforts are concentrated on the main targetted time period, these others are added to the stable when convenient or when an opportunity arises.

Class Type Under
Completed Details
DA Co-Co (rebuilt 830) - 1 NDA7
Modified Northern Models epoxy resin body, modified K&M mechanism
NJ Co-Co - 1 NJ3
Strath Models 3D-printed body, North Yard mechanism
  4w Fageol trailer - 1 305
Polyurethane castings
ENVA Composite GB - 1 ENVA
Modified Lima '8300'
AHSF Bogie gypsum hopper - 1 AHSF
Kandu Workshops 3D printed body, modified.
D 6w water tank - 1 D
ENH Bogie gypsum hopper - 1 ENH
Marbelup Models 3D-printed body
ENHB Bogie bulk grain hopper (on EP 1992-2001) - 1 ENHB
Modified Auscision AHGX
AHGX Bogie bulk grain hopper (on EP from 2017) - 1 ENHB
Modified Auscision AHGX
NCE Bogie cattle van - 1 NCE
Early Rod Parker kit
NHA Bogie ore (later gypsum) hopper - 1 NHA
Marbelup Models 3D-printed body
Q Bogie wooden open - 1 Q open
Kitbashed from Scaleways VR 'QR' wagon
YY Steel open - 1 YY open
Kitbashed polyurethane 'OBF' body