Modelling Minnipa - Locomotives and Railcars

All photos by Peter Knife.

Class Type Under
Completed Details
T 4-8-0 1 2 T Class
BGM kits, assembled with Model Design Studio replacement gearbox and detail kits. One assembled by Phil Knife, one by Peter Knife, one incomplete.
Z 4-4-0 - 1 Z Class
Scratch built by Phil Knife. Motor in tender driving loco via flexible tube.
830 Co-Co - 4 850
Trax / Powerline bodies, originally mounted on K&M brass mechanisms but all have since been replaced with Hollywood Foundry mechanisms.
Railcars and trailers
  Brill railcar - 2 487
Brill 487 is a modified BGB body with a Hollywood mechanism custom-made, driving and picking up from all wheels.
Brill 101 is a modified Strath Hobbies body, and also has a Hollywood Foundry custom mechanism.
  Brill trailer - 1 303
Modified BGB body and bogies
  Fageol railcar - 1 109
Scratchbuilt. Mechanism constructed using Hollywood Foundry components.
  Fageol trailer - 1 308
Polyurethane castings.