About this web site

This web site is the home page for the book Peninsula Pioneer which is a definitive history of the Port Lincoln Division of the former South Australian Railways. It also contains general information about the railways and tramways on Eyre Peninsula - this aspect of the site will grow progressively as new details are added. Changes to the web site are usually made every couple of months, and the What's New page includes details of these updates.

The web site is produced by Peter Knife, and the information contained in it is based on extensive research into the history and development of the railways on Eyre Peninsula by Peter and his long-suffering wife Maggie. The whole project has been carried out as a hobby. The information contained herein is presented simply as a service to all who might be interested in the railways of Eyre Peninsula.

Peter can be contacted at PO Box 3392, Port Lincoln SA 5606, or by email to Peter Knife.

Please note the copyright provisions which apply.