Peninsula Pioneer Revisited Addenda

This page lists items of interest directly related to Peninsula Pioneer Revisited, which occurred or became known after publication of the book.

Cummins Flour Mill (p.73)

Cummins Mill closed briefly in May 1954. It reopened shortly after when taken over by Aubrey Heidenreich, who upgraded its plant.

The Cummins Butter Factory (adjacent to the Flour Mill) opened on 20 June 1926. It was taken over by Adelaide Milk Supply Co-operative Ltd (Amscol) in January 1937, and closed during WWII due to manpower shortages. The factory building is now used for storage by Cummins Mill. Source: PL Times 26 Jun 1936, 15 Jan 1937, 6 & 27 May 1954, 'Links'

Kimba water trains (p.97)

The timetable for the 1967/68 water trains from 31 Dec 1967 was daily: The train stayed overnight at Rudall, where barracks were located. Service cancelled from and including 20 Jan 1968. Source: Temp STNs 1/68 and 2/68

Second weekly Kimba railcar service 1936 (p.135)

The reason for the introduction of the second service was to capture the half-weekly cream supplies which were then going to Adelaide by bus. Source: PL Times 4 Sep 1936

DA/900 Class (p.275)

902 transferred to Port Lincoln 18 Jun 2013, displaced from Whyalla by the new GWN Class locos there.

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