Peninsula Pioneer Addenda

This page lists items of interest directly related to Peninsula Pioneer, which occurred or became known after publication of the book.

Sale of ARG (6 March 2006)

Following months of speculation, it was announced on 14 February 2006 that the Australian Railroad Group (ARG) business was to be sold. Most above-rail operations are to be purchased by QRNational (Queensland Railways), while WestNet Rail (WA below-rail infrastructure) is being purchased by investment bank Babcock & Brown. The South Australian above and below rail business will revert to 100% ownership by Genessee & Wyoming Inc (GWI), previously joint owner of ARG with Wesfarmers.

At the time of preparation of this addendum final details of the purchase had not been announced. However with the Eyre Peninsula railways remaining with the South Australian business, little change is expected other than the possible cessation of exchanges of locomotives and rolling stock between Eyre Peninsula and Western Australia. The 'ARG' logo is also likely to be supplanted by a similar 'GWA' logo. Genessee & Wyoming Australia Pty Ltd will be the new name for GWI's South Australian operations. (Peninsula Pioneer p. 67)

Derivations of Locality Names (6 July 2006)

Geoffrey Manning's new book Manning's Place Names of South Australia: From Aaron Creek to Zion Hill includes a previously-unpublished derivation for the name of the Hundred of Wandana (and hence Wandana Siding). The name is a corruption of the Aboriginal wandunya, meaning 'iguana water'. (Peninsula Pioneer p. 312)

Station Brands (18 September 2006)

The station brands for a number of stations on Eyre Peninsula were changed from the originally-assigned codes. When the book was prepared, it was not known when these changes occurred. Subsequent information has revealed that the changes were very early in the piece (page numbers are in Peninsula Pioneer):