GWA Overhauls at Port Lincoln

Following on from the success of the rebuilding of ex-QR locos for Western Australia, a new overhaul program commenced at the EDI workshops at Port Lincoln. GWA have been sending locos for overhaul and modification, all thus far for the Onesteel (ex-BHP) narrow gauge operations at Whyalla. Four ex-standard/broad gauge locos (two CK class and two 900 class) were overhauled at Port Lincoln and then allocated to Whyalla, and Whyalla-based ex-WA loco 1907 spent time in Port Lincoln before returning to Whyalla.

CK4 and CK5 arrived at Port Lincoln in late May 2008 for overhaul. They started life as Victorian Railways T406 and T407, entering service on the broad gauge in July 1967. They were sold to Australian National in 1993, becoming CK4 and CK5 respectively. CK5 spent a couple of periods on narrow gauge at Whyalla, working Iron Duke ore trains. CK5 was transferred to Whyalla on 15 November 2008, and CK4 followed on 23 December 2008,

902 and 904 joined the CKs at Port Lincoln in early June 2008. They are former SAR 830 class locos, rebuilt with a new cab and lowered short hood to allow for driver-only operation. 902 was originally 832 (entering service on the SAR in 1960). It was rebuilt as DA2 in 1992, then renumbered 902 in 2004. 904 was rebuilt from the very first 830 (delivered to the SAR in Dec 1959). 830 was renumbered 875, then sent to Tasmania. On its return it spent eighteen months on the Port Lincoln Division before being rebuilt as DA5 in 1995. It was renumbered 904 in 2004. 904 was transferred to Whyalla on 29 September 2008, and 902 left Port Lincoln for Whyalla on 13 December 2008.

1907 was sent to Port Lincoln from Whyalla on 9 February 2009. It is a former Western Australian Government Railways DA class, and is the only one of its class to be rebuilt with a 'chopped nose'. While at Port Lincoln it was overhauled, and its Davies & Metcalfe brake equipment was replaced with Westinghouse gear. 1907 returned to Whyalla on 29 June 2009.

901 was severely damaged in an engine fire at Iron Baron on 8 Mar 2009. It was in Port Lincoln on transfer bogies on 22 April 2010. Extensive repair work was carried out, and it left Port Lincoln on 20 October 2010 to resume service at Whyalla.


Whyalla loco 1907's overhaul is nearing completion at Port Lincoln, 9 Jun 2009.


CK5 is stripped and ready for attention at Port Lincoln, 1 Jun 2008. Behind it are Port Lincoln residents 873 and 906.


Following extensive fire damage repairs, 901 is shunted by 1604 at Port Lincoln on 19 Oct 2010, prior to its return to Whyalla.

Photos: Peter Knife