David Griffiths - BHP Whyalla

David is the author of the book BHP Tramways Centenary History, published by the Mile End Railway Museum in 1985 (ISBN 0959 5073 45). David drew on his extensive research and experience working at Whyalla, and the book is the most detailed source available of information about BHP's tramways at Whyalla. It also weaves BHP's tramways at Wardang Island, Rapid Bay and Port Lincoln into the story.

The book has been out of print for many years, and David has very generously decided to make it available as a PDF download.

The PDF is fully searchable. The current version (October 2018) includes all the text and diagrams, along with most of the photographs in the original book (almost all of which have now been rescanned from original prints). Only minor corrections have been made to the text. This will be followed by the final version with all original photos included.

There will also be a supplement with a summary of the many changes which have occurred since 1985, and a large number of additional photographs covering the whole period of the lines' existence. Please check back from time to time for updates.

Download the book (October 2018 version, 6 Mb)