Book Launch

Peninsula Pioneer was launched at the Port Lincoln Railway Museum on 4 April 2006. Mr Bob Prout (Museum President) chaired the occasion and well-known local historian Mrs Margaret Tilsner officiated. Those in attendance included present and former railwaymen, interested locals, railway enthusiasts from Adelaide and Melbourne, and the Member for Flinders, Mrs Liz Penfold MP.

The book is dedicated to the memory of the late Mr Kim Bird, a railwayman and historian whose unfulfilled goal was to write a history of the Port Lincoln Division. We were honoured by the presence at the launch of his sister, Mrs Jane Booth, and her husband Edward.

General scene

The railway yard at Port Lincoln provided an appropriate backdrop to the occasion. 905, 842 and 1204 arrived with a grain train shortly before the launch. 905 was uncoupled and proceeded to shunt the train to the unloaders, at times generating a little too much authentic atmosphere! The speakers persevered though, against the odds.
Photo: Peter Knife

Launching the book

Mrs Margaret Tilsner launches the book.
Photo: John Dennis

Launch crowd

Every man and his dog attended.
Photo: Ralph Holden

Yard proximity

The proximity of the yard is emphasised in this view through the breezeway of the magnificent stone station building.
Photo: Ralph Holden