Car 174 Wandana

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Vehicle type Bogie observation / sleeping car (1917-1933)
officers inspection car (1933-1942)
Employee sleeping & dining car (1942-1953)
Relay van (1953-1966)
First introduced 1909
To Port Lincoln 1917
Ex Port Lincoln 1966
Load capacity  
Number on Eyre Peninsula 1
Vehicle number 174 Wandana

Built 1909 as 'Short Tom' sleeper/sitting car but with body 6" (15 cm) wider than all other 'Short Tom' cars. Altered to sleeper/observation car, extra berth fitted, named Wandana and transferred to Port Lincoln 2 May 1917.

Used as Officers' inspection car after railcars took over passenger services 1933. Converted to employee sleeping and dining car with 8 berths and kitchen, 16 Sep 1942 (reverted to number 174 instead of name). Designated as relay van Aug 1953. Condemned 19 Apr 1966.

'Wandana', location unknown, circa 1930. Enlarged from portion of an early photo