Brakevan 205 / Accident Van 8

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Vehicle type Bogie passenger brakevan (1900-1935)
Bogie accident van (1963-1985)
First introduced 1914
To Port Lincoln 1923
Ex Port Lincoln 1985
Load capacity  
Number on Eyre Peninsula 1
Vehicle number 205
Accident Van 8

Built 1914 as 'Long Tom' passenger brake 205. To Port Lincoln 1923. Rebuilt with insulated compartment at each end Jul 1938. Cream shelves fitted at one end Aug 1940. Condemned 15 May 1962.

Underframe and part of body used for Accident Van 8, 1963. Rebuilt 19 Mar 1963 as Accident Van 8; half of brakevan body retained, other half altered to gondola. Condemned 24 Jan 1985. To Pichi Richi 2 Sep 1985.

Brakevan 205 in its original form, circa 1930, before being rebuilt with insulated compartments at each end. Enlarged from portion of an early photo

Accident Van 8 at Port Lincoln in 1975. The half body retained from its brakevan guise is nearest the camera, and the vertical timber panelling around what was the insulated compartment nearest the camera can be clearly seen. Photo: Jeff Moonie

The diagrams below show the vehicle in its insulated van form (1938-62), and in its final Accident Van form.