ENHG Hopper Wagon

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Class ENHG
Vehicle type Bogie grain hopper wagon
First introduced 1985
To Port Lincoln 1985
Ex Port Lincoln 2019
Load capacity 34 tons
Number on Eyre Peninsula 8
Vehicle numbers ENHG1-8

Built for bulk grain traffic by splicing three-quarters of pairs of AHTY/ENHT hoppers together and extending sides and ends and adding tarpaulin supports. ENHG1 built Jun 1985 from AHTY1541 & 1788 as trial. ENHG2-8 built from ENHT5 & 12, 6 & 13, 4 & 10, 3 & 9, 7 & 11, 2 & 8, 1 & 14 respectively, the last two issued Sep 1986. Roof and hatch cover assemblies added later. Roof hatches replaced with roll-top covers 2001-02.

In mid-2008 all eight vehicles were cut down to their original height for use as ballast hoppers. This is particularly interesting given that the vehicles which were used in the construction of the ENHG class in 1985-86 started life as Commonwealth Railways NB class ballast hoppers.

All eight vehicles scrapped Oct 2019.

ENHG3 at Port Lincoln in February 2002. Photo: Peter Knife

ENHG7 at Port Lincoln in March 2010, cut down for use as a ballast hopper. Photo: Peter Knife