NOB / ENOB Open Wagon

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Class NOB / ENOB
Vehicle type Bogie open wagon
First introduced 1983
To Port Lincoln 1983
Ex Port Lincoln 1995
Load capacity 26 tons
Number on Eyre Peninsula 10
Vehicle numbers NOB1-10

New bodies on underframes from NGF wagons. Body assemblies manufactured at Islington, assembled at Port Lincoln Jul-Dec 1983. NOB1-10 ex NGF1331, 1319, 1379, 1353, 1340, 1383, 1364, 1352, 1347 and 1343 respectively. Recoded ENOB1-10 3 Jan 1985. All stored Feb 1989, condemned 1993, scrapped or sold 1993-95.

An ENOB wagon (immediately behind the loco) at Minnipa in February 1986. Coupled to it is an ENOS, and the similarities of the Islington-built bodies are obvious. Photo: Peter Knife