Ex-'Long Tom' Relay Vans

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Vehicle type Bogie relay van (all three)
Inspection car (207)
First introduced 1954
To Port Lincoln 1954
Ex Port Lincoln 1977
Load capacity  
Number on Eyre Peninsula 3
Vehicle numbers 207 - 209

These vehicles were originally 'Long Tom' coaches. They were rebuilt as relay vans with kitchen, dining, sleeping and guard's accommodation for Port Lincoln.

Two other 'Long Tom' cars had operated on Eyre Peninsula in earlier years as passenger cars.

207. Built 1914 as 'Long Tom' coach 207. Rebuilt as relay van, transferred to Port Lincoln 4 Nov 1954. Designated as Commissioner's car on arrival. Used as relay van from Mar 1955. Reverted to inspection car 1963. Condemned 2 Jun 1977.

208. Built 1914 as 'Long Tom' coach 208. Renumbered 370 in 1953. Rebuilt as relay van, renumbered back to 208, transferred to Port Lincoln 10 Aug 1956 as relay van. Condemned 10 Jul 1973.

209. Built 1920 as 'Long Tom' coach 219. Rebuilt as relay van, renumbered 209 and transferred to Port Lincoln 5 Mar 1958 as relay van. Condemned mid-1974. To Pichi Richi 9 Sep 1974. Has been restored to coach configuration, now carries Wandana name at Quorn (car 174 carried that name on Eyre Peninsula).

One of the relay vans is being shunted by a T class at Port Lincoln in 1962/63. Photo: Graeme Westwood

Relay van 209 at Port Lincoln in 1974. Photo: Alex Grunbach

The diagrams below show these vehicles in their relay van form, and (at bottom) 207 in its final Officers' inspection car form.