OGN / NOG / ENOG Open Wagon

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Class OGN / NOG / ENOG
Vehicle type Bogie open wagon
First introduced 1962
To Port Lincoln 1962
Ex Port Lincoln 1990s
Load capacity 23 tons (1976: 35 tons)
Number on Eyre Peninsula 54
Vehicle numbers OGN1-54

New steel bodies on underframes from OCN wagons 1962-64. Modified for fitting of roller bearing bogies and auto couplers ex ON wagons 1973-74. Heavier bogie springs fitted, capacity increased to 35 tons Mar-Apr 1976. Renumbered NOG1-54 1983-84. Renumbered ENOG1-54 Jul 1985. All except ENOG17, 18, 26, 28, 39 and 41 condemned 18 Dec 1993, but ENOG3, 13, 21, 28 and 47 reinstated 30 Jun 1994. Those condemned and not reinstated were scrapped May-Jun 1994. ENOG41 survived into ASR ownership, fate of others not known.

OGN9 at Port Lincoln, June 1975. It has been fitted with roller bearing bogies and automatic couplings but still rides on the original CLTB underframe. Photo: Jeff Moonie

OGN47 at Caralue, September 1974. Photo: Alex Grunbach