Sand Wagons

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Vehicle type 4-wheel and bogie sand wagons
First introduced  
To Port Lincoln  
Ex Port Lincoln  
Load capacity  
Number on Eyre Peninsula 3
Vehicle numbers 5693
NHS7716 / ENHS1

In the 1970s open wagon Y5693 was designated as a 'sand truck'. At some later time (possibly 1981) 4-wheel ballast hopper HFN5084 was modified with a roof and hatch covers for conveying loco sand. In 1983 the frame and body of this vehicle was mounted on the bogie underframe from RPN7716 to form a new bogie sand wagon.

Built 1916 as Y wagon. To Port Lincoln 1963. Designated as 'sand truck' c.1977, no further details known. Condemned 13 May 1981.

HFN5084. Built 1912 as 4-wheel ballast hopper Z5084. Reclassified HFN5084 c.1950, to Port Lincoln 1964. Roof and hatch covers added to form sand wagon. Frame and body to NHS7716 April 1983, remainder of vehicle officially condemned 3 December 1983.

NHS7716 / ENHS1. Frame and body from HFN5084 mounted on underframe from RPN7716 to form sandwagon NHS7716, April 1983 (RPN7716 in turn had been made up from the body of P1993 and the underframe from FN7844). Renumbered ENHS1 11 Jan 1985. Condemned 12 Dec 1987, scrapped 16 Nov 1989.

Sand wagon HFN5084 at Port Lincoln. Photo: Denis Edlington

NPS7716 at Port Lincoln in 1983. Photo: Murray Wright

ENHS1 at Minnipa in 1985. Photo: Greg O'Brien