TS Tank Wagon

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Class TS
Vehicle type Bogie tank wagon
4-wheel tank wagon
First introduced 1930 (bogie version)
1935 (4-wheel version)
To Port Lincoln 1930 (bogie version)
1935 (4-wheel version)
Ex Port Lincoln 1951 (bogie version)
1958 (4-wheel version)
Load capacity See text
Number on Eyre Peninsula 2 (bogie version)
3 (4-wheel version)
Vehicle numbers TS3360, 3376 (bogie version)
TS3716, 3815 and 5941 (4-wheel version)

Shell Oil Company tank wagons.

Bogie version: Single-compartment 5000 gal tanks, built 1930 on underframes from open wagons W3360 and 3376 (issued 1906). To Port Lincoln 1 Mar 1930. TS3360 to Peterborough 24 Oct 1937, TS3376 to South East Jun 1951. Both converted to standard gauge 1970 as STSC4, 5 (new underframes fitted).

4-wheel version: Three-compartment tanks for motor spirit, power kerosene and lighting kerosene. TS3815 (total capacity 1590 gal) in service Sep 1935 on underframe from X3815. TS3716 (1628 gal) in service 20 Feb 1936 on underframe from X3716. TS5941 (2940 gal) in service 1937 on underframe from XF5941. TS3716, 3815 withdrawn 24 Apr 1958, TS5941 5 Sep 1958 (underframe to TW5941 in 1961). Body of TS3815 to Port Lincoln Railway Museum 2009.

TS3716 at Wirrulla in 1938, with petroleum products being unloaded into drums. Photo from 'Wirrulla: Town with a Secret'

The bodies of the three four-wheel TS tanks were still at the site of the Poonindie brickworks in May 2003. They are (from left) TS3815, TS5941 and TS3716. Photo: Peter Knife

Above: TS3716
Below: TS5941