XX Open Wagon

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Class XX
Vehicle type 4-wheel open wagon
First introduced 1905
To Port Lincoln 1924
Ex Port Lincoln  
Load capacity 16 tons (1964: 17 tons)
Number on Eyre Peninsula 32
Vehicle numbers XX5923-5954

Originally broad gauge X class open wagons. Converted to narrow gauge XX class 1924-25, to Port Lincoln. XX5925-5928, 5932, 5934, 5935, 5946, 5948 and 5951 converted to XF flat wagons 1936-37. XX5941 converted to TS5941 oil tank wagon 1937. Eight transferred to Peterborough Nov-Dec 1960. Twelve sealed for bulk grain c.1960-70. Two (5938 and 5952) designated for accident train use c.1977.

XX5933 at Port Lincoln, June 1975. Photo: Jeff Moonie