YX Open Wagon

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Class YX
Vehicle type 4-wheel open wagon
First introduced 1909
To Port Lincoln 1925
Ex Port Lincoln 1985
Load capacity 16 tons (1964: 17 tons)
Number on Eyre Peninsula 440
Vehicle numbers YX6019-6458

Converted from broad gauge Y wagons 1925 (124 vehicles), 1926 (74), 1928 (100), 1929 (51) and 1930 (91). Five to YF flats 1930-53. 397 sealed for bulk grain by 1960, 37 not sealed. 13 rebuilt with new bodies as YY wagons 1969-70. All condemned by Jan 1985.

YX6107 at Cummins in the 1960s. Photo: Ralph Holden

YX6134 at a derailment site on the Kevin line in 1981. In addition to those rebuilt as YY wagons in 1969-70, a number of YX wagons (including the one shown here) had their doors replaced with fixed panels for salt and gypsum traffic. Photo: Denis Edlington