Yaninee Station Yard

Yaninee (147M 42C) is 10 miles (16 km) towards Port Lincoln from Minnipa. It was opened on 19 April 1915 as 'Yaninie', with the spelling corrected to Yaninee on 2 August 1915. Initially just a siding and ramped goods platform was provided. A shelter shed was added around 1917, and a wheat shed erected by 1924. The siding was extended, sheep and cattle yards erected, and a 5 ton crane provided in the 1924-29 period. The wheat shed was damaged in a severe storm on 7 January 1942, was repaired, but was then demolished 1963 after further storm damage. The intermediate crossover was removed in 1969. The siding was extended in June 1970 to 1670 ft (509 m). The crane was removed 1976, and was moved to Minnipa and dumped beside the apex of the triangle to be collected by a local farmer; it is still there.

Above: Yaninee, September 1974. Note the loading ramp and crane on the right, and the shelter shed and Train Control phone box to the left. Photo: Alex Grunbach

Left: The Yaninee yard crane, derelict at Minnipa in 1999. Photo: Peter Knife