Eyre Peninsula Bibliography

Railway Books and Booklets

Bird, K.J., West Coast Wanderer, ARHS, 1976 (tour notes).
Booklet produced for passengers on the 'West Coast Wanderer' tour which covered the Port Lincoln Division in November 1976.
Domagalski, Kitty, Rail on Eyre, Eyre Peninsula Railway Preservation Society, Port Lincoln, 2001.
A collection of historical snippets, anecdotes and photographs relating to the Port Lincoln Division.
Fitch, R.J., Making Tracks - 46 Years in Australian Railways, Kangaroo Press, Kenthurst, 1989.
Includes an account of the author's experiences as Commissioner, visiting the Port Lincoln Division.
Fluck, R.E, Sampson, R., and Bird, K.J., Steam Locomotives and Railcars of the South Australian Railways, Mile End Railway Museum, Roseworthy, 1986.
Includes details of the various steam locos and railcars that ran on the Port Lincoln Division.
Griffiths, David, BHP Tramways Centenary History, Mile End Railway Museum, Cowandilla, 1985.
Definitive coverage of BHP's Whyalla operations and the iron ore tramways to the Middleback Ranges mines.
Holden, Ralph, Port Lincoln Division - Description of Lines in 1970, in Narrow Gauge Journal No.5, Railmac Publications, Elizabeth, 1999.
An overview of the main line and stations between Port Lincoln and Thevenard.
Holden, Ralph, Big Tenders and Port Lincoln Division - Description of Lines in 1970 (Part 2), in Narrow Gauge Journal No.6, Railmac Publications, Elizabeth, 2001.
An interesting follow-up on the use of T class tenders with Y class locos, and an overview of the Port Lincoln Division lines other than Port Lincoln - Thevenard.
Holden, Ralph, No. 259: The Curious Story of a Forgotten Locomotive, Railmac Publications, Elizabeth, 2006.
An interesting hypothesis on the political background to the SAR's experimental internal combustion locomotive.
Holman, Wendy (Ed.), Links, Cummins Area School / Wendy Holman, Cummins, 2007.
A collection of stories and photographs, produced by the Year 10 Society & Environment class of Cummins Area School to mark the centenary of the Port Lincoln - Cummins railway.
Jennings, R.I., W.A.Webb - South Australian Railways Commissioner 1922-30, Nesfield Press, North Plympton, 1973.
Includes background information on the development of the Port Lincoln Division and the introduction of railcars to the Division.
Jennings, R.I., Some Historically Insoluble Railway Problems in South Australia, Nesfield Press, North Plympton, 1980.
Describes the political context of the development of railways on Eyre Peninsula.
Knife, Peter, Peninsula Pioneer, Peter Knife, Sydney, 2006.
The definitive study of the railways on Eyre Peninsula.
Knife, Peter, Peninsula Pioneer Revisited, Peter Knife, Port Lincoln, 2013.
An expanded and updated version of Peninsula Pioneer.
Knife, Peter and Margaret (Ed.), Peninsula Memories, Peter Knife, Sydney, 2007.
Stories of people associated with the railways on Eyre Peninsula.
McNicol, Steve, Morris 25 on the Rails, Railmac Publications, Elizabeth, 2015.
An account of the Motor Inspection Cars of the South Australian Railways.
Olds, Cliff, Wouldn't Have Missed It For Quids, Gresley Publishing, Welland, 1996.
Very readable account of Cliff's days on the SAR, including his time at Cummins on the Port Lincoln Division.
Olds, Cliff, Narrow Gauge Model 75 Railcar Recollections, in Narrow Gauge Journal No.4, Railmac Publications, Elizabeth, 1997.
More on Cliff's experiences with the SAR, including the operation of the Brills on the Port Lincoln Division in the 1960s.
Pascoe, Ronald, Cattle vans, Canaries and Level Crossings!, Railmac Publications, Elizabeth, 2008.
Ron Pascoe's account of his 40 years with the SAR and AN, culminating in his appointment as Stationmaster at Port Lincoln.
Uncredited, Port Lincoln's Steam Finale, in Narrow Gauge Journal No.2,
Railmac Publications, Elizabeth, 1994.
An account of the last months of steam on Eyre Peninsula.

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