Car 223 / 224

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Vehicle type Bogie officers inspection car (1924-1953)
Bogie relay van (1953-1959)
Bogie accident train sleeper (1959-1969)
First introduced 1881
To Port Lincoln 1924
Ex Port Lincoln 1969
Load capacity  
Number on Eyre Peninsula 1
Vehicle number 223 (1924-1946)
224 (1946 onwards)

Built 1881 as 6-wheel coach 30 (Cleminson underframe). Rebuilt as bogie vehicle Aug 1887. Converted to Mail van with sleeping compartment 1892. Reverted to coach 1920. Converted to Officers inspection car, renumbered 223 and transferred to Port Lincoln 1924. Renumbered 224 in 1946 to avoid duplicate number with goods brake 223 at Port Lincoln. Designated as relay van Aug 1953. Used as accident train sleeper from 18 May 1959. Condemned 21 Oct 1969.

223, location unknown, circa 1930. Enlarged from portion of an early photo

224 in its final form as an accident train sleeper (the grey vehicle with the red roof) is sandwiched between 'Lincoln' and Accident Van 8 at Port Lincoln in 1973. Enlarged from portion of a photo by Noel Potter