NRF / ENFR Flat Wagon

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Class NRF / ENFR
Vehicle type Bogie flat wagon
First introduced 1943
To Port Lincoln 1984
Ex Port Lincoln  
Load capacity 25 tons
Number on Eyre Peninsula 12
Vehicle numbers NRF898, 900, 907, 911, 925, 1039, 1052, 1063, 1107, 1121 and 1145
ENFR1-11 and 14

Those numbered up to 925 built for the Commonwealth Railways as NRF flats; those between 1039 and 1121 built as NGC open wagons, converted to NRF flats; 1145 built as NEA employees van, converted to NRF flat 1966. All used on dismantling of Marree - Oodnadatta line, then to Port Lincoln Mar 1984. Renumbered ENFR1-11 20 Feb 1985.

ENFR14 ex broad gauge rail carrier FRTL14. Converted to narrow gauge and recoded ENFR14, to Port Lincoln 27 Aug 1992. It had been built 1970 as FRT14 on underframe ex broad gauge caboose 4372 (originally issued 26 Jun 1925), then adapted for limited bogie exchange between broad and standard gauge (AN tracks only) as FRTL14 c.1983.

ENFR2 in the rail recovery train at Kimba, September 1996. Photo: Peter Knife

ENFR5 and 6 at the end-loading ramp at Kevin in June 1997. These two were designated as 'GRA use only', and were used by Gypsum resources Australia to transfer heavy equipment between Thevenard and Kevin. Photo: John Dennis