ENHV Grain Hopper

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Vehicle type Bogie grain hopper
First introduced 1986
To Port Lincoln 1986
Ex Port Lincoln 2009
Load capacity 33 tons
Number on Eyre Peninsula 30
Vehicle numbers ENHV1-30

Converted from ex-Commonwealth Railways NVD vans at Port Augusta Workshops. Modified internally to hopper configuration; underfloor doors and roof hatches fitted. Seventeen ex Port Lincoln-based ENBA vans ENBA9-15, 17, 19-21, 23-26 and 28-29; thirteen ex NVD vans not previously at Port Lincoln (numbers not known). One batch of fifteen vehicles completed. Second batch of twenty-seven vehicles commenced, but only fifteen completed; a further ten ENBAs prepared for conversion but program halted due to stability problems and derailments. Stripped ENBA bodies dumped at Grantham where they remained for many years. See the ENBA page for a table of all NVD vans which became ENBAs and/or ENHVs.

Roof hatches replaced with roll-top covers 2001-02. Since withdrawn, replaced by XNW wagons. Stored at Port Lincoln from 2002. Scrapped Sep-Oct 2009.

ENHV23 stored at Port Lincoln, December 2006. Photo: Peter Knife

ENHV25 in Port Lincoln yard, 18 September 2009. Soon after, these wagons were lifted from their bogies and sent for scrap. Photo: Peter Knife