Travelling Sheep Ramps

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Vehicle type 4-wheel travelling sheep ramp
First introduced 1935
To Port Lincoln 1935
Ex Port Lincoln 1973
Load capacity  
Number on Eyre Peninsula 2
Vehicle number 1094, CR2476

Two vehicles appear from the available records to have been permanently equipped as travelling sheep ramps on Eyre Peninsula. In addition, a number of ordinary open wagons were used over the years to convey portable sheep ramps.

1094. Built 1880 as C wagon. To Port Lincoln 1909. Fitted with water tank Apr 1922 - Aug 1923. Converted to portable sheep ramp by 1937. Condemned 6 Feb 1973.

CR2476. Built 1886 as C wagon. Altered to CC wagon Oct 1920. Fitted with sheep ramp, reclassified CR 2476 and transferred to Port Lincoln 1935. Condemned 13 Aug 1970.

CR2476 at Warramboo, July 1967. Photo: Alex Grunbach

X3406 at Wanilla in 1974 illustrates the use of ordinary open wagons to carry portable sheep ramps. Photo: Alex Grunbach