HAN Grain Hopper

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Class HAN
Vehicle type Bogie grain hopper
First introduced 1969
To Port Lincoln 1969
Ex Port Lincoln 2019
Load capacity 36 tons (Dec 1984: 40 tons)
Number on Eyre Peninsula 68
Vehicle numbers HAN1-68

New to Port Lincoln, delivered in four batches of 17: HAN1-17 in service Aug-Dec 1969, HAN18-34 in service Sep-Dec 1970, HAN35-51 in service Mar-May 1973, HAN52-68 in service Sep-Dec 1973. HAN1-17 issued on bar frame bogies ex SN vans at Peterborough (capacity 32.5 tons). Original bogies under HAN18-51 not known. HAN1-51 re-equipped with roller bearing bogies ex OMN wagons 1970 (capacity 36 tons). HAN1-51 issued with 'chopper' couplers, replaced with autos ex OMN wagons 1973-74. HAN51-68 issued with roller bearing bogies and auto couplers ex ON wagons. Roof hatches replaced with roll-top covers 2001.

HAN8 was scrapped at Port Adelaide, May 2003. HAN42 was damaged in a shunting accident in 2013, and was sent to Port Augusta workshops. It was still there in 2019. HAN44 suffered severe structural failure in 2016 and was scrapped. HAN3 was donated to Port Lincoln Railway Museum in 2019. All others scrapped 2019.

HAN23 at Port Lincoln, June 1975. Photo: Jeff Moonie