P / PP Insulated Van

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Class P / PP
Vehicle type 4-wheel insulated van
First introduced 1924
To Port Lincoln 1924
Ex Port Lincoln 1970
Load capacity 10 tons (1964: 11 tons)
Number on Eyre Peninsula 10
Vehicle numbers P5972-5981, then PP5972-5981, then PP7700-7709

Ten bodies built 1924-25, mounted on ex broad gauge G open wagon underframes converted to narrow gauge. To Port Lincoln. Reclassified as PP by 1929 (although may have been delivered to Port Lincoln as PP). All except PP5974 and 5977 bodies removed 1931, underframes used for 2000 gal water tanks. Two remaining wagons became GF flat wagons Sep 1938. All ten PP bodies re-mounted on underframes ex M sheep vans as PP7700-7709 Sep 1937 (7701-7706) and Sep 1938 (7707-7709). All condemned 1959-70. PP7707 reinstated 18 Jan 1971. Body ex PP7707 mounted on underframe ex YF4973 Dec 1972 as maintenance fitter’s van 4973.

PP5974 and PP5976 on Brennens Jetty, Port Lincoln. Enlarged from portion of an early photo.