SAR Weed Spray Train

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Vehicle type 4-wheel weed spray train wagons
First introduced  
To Port Lincoln  
Ex Port Lincoln  
Load capacity  
Number on Eyre Peninsula 6
Vehicle numbers 5969 (spray cart)
TW5941, 5976, 5979-5981 (2200 gal tanks)

The Railway Transportation magazine for Jananuary 1956 reported that the 'Port Lincoln Division of the SAR has put a new weed poisoning train into use on Eyre Peninsula lines. The unit, which includes two 2000 gal tankers and a spray, hauled by a locomotive, uses sodium chlorate.' The two tank wagons mentioned would have been any two from the pool of water tank wagons, but it is not known what the spray cart was - the 1960 stocktake lists no such dedicated vehicle. Perhaps the spray equipment was fitted temporarily to a suitable wagon.

In 1961 four 2200 gal tank wagons were provided specifically for the weed spray train (although they could be used for loco water when not required for spraying). Then in 1972 a dedicated spray cart was provided. All were made redundant when the new AN spray train was constructed in 1983.

5969. Built 1905 as broad gauge open wagon X2396. Converted to narrow gauge as oil carrier 5969, 17 Jun 1924. Tanks removed 2 Feb 1932. To flat wagon XF5969 1 Jul 1932, probably to Port Lincoln at this time. Condemned 23 Mar 1972, but reinstated and converted to weed spray wagon 11 Oct 1972. Finally condemned 24 Jan 1985.

TW5941, 5976, 5979-5981. Four cylindrical tanks built 1961, mounted initially on underframes ex TS5941 (originally XX5941) and water tanks 5979-5981 (originally PP class), reclassified TW. Tank from TW5941 re-mounted on underframe ex tank 5976 (also originally PP) 10 Nov 1965. Used for weed spray train, available for loco water at other times.

Spray cart 5969 and the four TW tanks at Port Lincoln, 1975. Photo: Jeff Moonie

TW5981 at Port Lincoln, 1975. Photo: Jeff Moonie

Two views of railcar 105 hauling two TW tanks and the spray cart, en route to Thevenard. Photos: Arnold Lockyer